27 March 2012

Hillier Gardens

This isn't Winchester, but I think there's no harm in occasionally straying outside of the city limits, especially as I've been rather lazy in posting, so I'm going with the idea of a post on something is better than a post on nothing! So this is Hillier Gardens between Winchester and Romsey. It is 180 acres of gardens, with a variety of different areas, very pretty, and probably even nicer when all the flowers are in bloom

26 March 2012

North Walls recreation ground

Another day of nice weather brings people out to the parks of Winchester.

25 March 2012

Cathedral in the sun

The weather has been very nice here recently, and it always brings people outside, particularly here in front of the cathedral

20 March 2012

New bollard

One of the new bollards that is in The Square. Back last December I did see some painting of bollards in a shop, so I presume this was one of them.

19 March 2012

The Square re-opens

The Square has also re-opened now with it's new paving and a number of new painted bollards have also sprung up

18 March 2012

Cornflowers re-opens!

Last month Cornflowers had closed down, passing by earlier today I saw that it had reopened, selling similar things as before.