31 August 2011

Winchester University

This is the West Downs Centre of Winchester University just off the Romsey Road. The University's Business School is based here, along with the Link Art Gallery. This building was originally part of West Downs School until its closure in 1988. The old school remained empty until 1994 when it was acquired by the University of Winchester for renovation. Winchester University is one of the newer universities and was established in 1995 when the government decided that colleges could become universities. It was previously King Alfred's College of Higher Education.

Winchester therefore has a lot of students which I think is a good thing, as we also have a large 6th form college, Winchester College and the Winchester School of Art.

30 August 2011

St Thomas & St Clements

This building is not actually used as a church anymore, it is the former church of St Thomas and St Clements in Southgate Street. The church was built in 1847 and the spire added around 10 years later. The church, after over a hundred years of use, was declared redundant in 1969. It was used as the Hampshire Records Office until 1993 and now used by Hampshire County Council.

29 August 2011

Winchester in Bloom part 2

Just a few more of the floral displays currently around town. The winner has already been chosen and will be announced in October.

28 August 2011

Link Gallery

Over the last week it has been the Hampshire Open Studios, where artists open their studios and galleries to the public. Yesterday we visited the Link Gallery at Winchester University which is part of the Open Studios event and is showing contemporary paintings in a mixture of styles by a group of artists called 2D3D South Contemporary Art

And if you look carefully at this one you may recognise some things you've seen before on my blog!

27 August 2011

Take Flight

Currently at the library (Winchester Discovery Centre) is an art exhibition called Take Flight which features work by artists inspired by the world of birds and the environments in which they live. Here are a few of the paintings. Normally they don't like you to photograph in here, but this time they didn't raise any objections! This weekend is the Hampshire Open Studios where artists in Hampshire open their studios to the public to visit, so I hope to be able to get some photos over the next few days.

26 August 2011

Crown and Anchor

Will he, won't he decide to go in?! This is the Crown & Anchor pub in the High Street. I haven't been in here myself. There has been a pub on this site since the mid 19th Century. The current building dates from the early 1930s. As you can see it's also quite floral, I have a feeling the pub is always like this rather than trying to win the Winchester in Bloom prize as I have seen other photos of it with just as many hanging baskets.

25 August 2011

The White Swan

The White Swan pub is in Hyde Street in Winchester. Although this is geographically probably the closest pub to my house I prefer to go to the King Alfred pub in Hyde. The pub has been in existence since 1784 and was referred to at some time in the past as The Mucky Duck.

24 August 2011

River Park Leisure Centre

River Park Leisure Centre here in Winchester has a gym, workout classes, courts and pitches, a swimming pool and cafe.

23 August 2011

Winnall Moors

At the back of North Walls Recreation Ground is one of the entrances to Winnall Moors. Unfortunately dogs aren't allowed any further than this. The Itchen River runs through the Moors and the path leads on to surfaced paths, boardwalks and bridges, so you can enjoy the wetland without your wellies! The project to restore the Moors began in September 2008 to develop a nature reserve here and is still ongoing.

22 August 2011

Winchester in Bloom

Winchester is looking very floral at the moment and that's because it is the Winchester in Bloom competition. The judging has now finished but the results won't be announced until October (not sure why the wait!) Here is my local pub the King Alfred look very flowery. The only thing I notice is that I think the shops, pubs & restaurants of Winchester must have bought their flowers in bulk as they all seem to be the same types shown here!

21 August 2011

55-56 High Street

At 55-56 High Street is currently a shop called Jack Wills that sells 'authentic and relevant clothing for today'! The building itself was built in 1913 and was originally a cinema and tea house. The cinema had an orchestra pit as talking films had not yet been invented at that time! The cinema operated between 1914-1936.

20 August 2011


No post yesterday due to this silly piece of plastic & metal giving up the ghost! Normal service will resume shortly!

18 August 2011


It's the 18th August, the height of the summer, and here is the view from the window showing the weather today!

17 August 2011

Waynflete House


Waynflete House in St Swithun Street is a grade II listed building. It's a private house that is currently up for sale for just under 2.5 million pounds! It looks lovely inside though with 6 bedrooms and a pretty garden. Click here if you're interested in putting in an offer!

16 August 2011


Whilst I was away on holiday there was a murder in Winchester. Stuart Horsman became ill at Winchester station on 3 August and died of internal bleeding in hospital, later that day. It's believed he had been assaulted some time earlier and 2 men have been arrested adn bailed on suspected murder.

I do recognise the chap who was murdered as he was regularly around the train station area and in and around Winchester, I think that he may have been homeless and understand from the press that his brother had previously died due to drugs.

Fortunately this kind of crime in Winchester is relatively rare.

15 August 2011

Jungle Fever!

At the back of St Peter's car park is an unusual house. To me it looks like a modern twist on a safari lodge. I think the house/flats were quite expensive, and won possibly won an architectural award, but the view...I've seen better!

14 August 2011


Ducklings taking a dip in the River Itchen.

I am away on holiday at the moment - back tomorrow...

13 August 2011


A swan on the River Itchen

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12 August 2011


These cottages are Nos. 14, 15, 16 and 17 St Thomas Street. They are Grade II listed as are many in the street. That means in order to preserve their heritage the owners are very limited in the changes they can make to the buildings, both inside and out. There is a tablet in wall dated 1695.

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11 August 2011


In the High Street there is a regular flower seller.

10 August 2011


This sundial here is in Abbey Gardens

09 August 2011


One of the regular buskers in Winchester.

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08 August 2011

Blanc ou Blanche?

Spot the grammatical error here - should that not be Maison Blanche seeing as 'maison' is feminine? Although as I understand it this patisserie here is linked to Raymond Blanc, who also has Brasserie Blanc here in Winchester, so I'm certain it's deliberate!

07 August 2011

Abbey Garden

Abbey Gardens sit behind Abbey House (the Mayor of Winchester's official residence) and is a public garden. The gardens were once part of the site of St Mary’s Abbey, once one of the largest religious houses in England.

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06 August 2011


Just like yesterday only looking the other way down the Itchen River in Winchester!

05 August 2011


Looking down the Itchen River in Winchester

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04 August 2011

Food Market

We seem to be having more and more markets within the High Street, this one was a food market

03 August 2011

Heart in Hand

I pass by this pub every day on the way to work and it's certainly seen better days. This is the Heart in Hand pub in the Bar End area of Winchester. the pub is around 200 years old and originally served refreshments to travellers bound for Portsmouth along the old Roman Road. The premises were enlarged in 1911 and almost completely rebuilt. The pub, although I think still open has now been sold to be converted into houses.

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02 August 2011

Dean's Garden

In the Dean's Garden there is a stream which is a tributary of the River Itchen, with these interesting large plants growing next to it. Does anyone know what they are?

01 August 2011

Minster House

I took a photo of this house back last winter in the snow. It has a lovely position, facing the cathedral.

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