03 August 2011

Heart in Hand

I pass by this pub every day on the way to work and it's certainly seen better days. This is the Heart in Hand pub in the Bar End area of Winchester. the pub is around 200 years old and originally served refreshments to travellers bound for Portsmouth along the old Roman Road. The premises were enlarged in 1911 and almost completely rebuilt. The pub, although I think still open has now been sold to be converted into houses.

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  1. So many pubs, some quite historic have shut their doors over that last few years. I am a little sad whenever I see one of these sometimes quite interesting buildings fallen on hard times. Here in my little bit of Leeds and Yorkshire I pass disused public houses quite often. Paul at Leeds daily photo

  2. Yes it's a shame to see these places close down after so any years as it's unlikely to come back again even in beter economic times. I don' know if it'because less people are going to pubs or its harder to make money from them,the popular pubs still seem busy in Winchester.

  3. it don,t help when moneygrabin lanlords take over just to rinse people then sell the pub to the highest bidder