22 August 2011

Winchester in Bloom

Winchester is looking very floral at the moment and that's because it is the Winchester in Bloom competition. The judging has now finished but the results won't be announced until October (not sure why the wait!) Here is my local pub the King Alfred look very flowery. The only thing I notice is that I think the shops, pubs & restaurants of Winchester must have bought their flowers in bulk as they all seem to be the same types shown here!


  1. The King Alf is my local pub too. It always does well with its flowers and looks lovely

  2. You can only just see the pub!

    I think the council bought the flowers in bulk, which is why all the flowers are the same, and then businesses sponsor the baskets. I used to love the clever planters on the traffic barriers - they really brightened up the duller parts of town.

  3. Yes, I must get some more photos of the flowers around town