13 July 2012

Another one bites the dust?

It looks like The White Swan pub in Hyde Street has closed. I have been in the pub a few times as it is not far from where I live, but I don't think it was as popular as some of the other pubs in Hyde, such as The King Alfred and the Hyde Tavern. Maybe it will re-open, as The Willow Tree has?

12 July 2012

More Olympic Torch!

More photos from the Olympic cavalcade that passed by Hyde Street in Winchester yesterday.

11 July 2012

Olympic Torch in Winchester!

I was amazingly excited today when the torch came past the end of my road, even teenage son got out of bed for it!

There was a large cavalcade of police motorcycles, bikes, cars, publicity trucks etc and finally the flame, and it passed so quickly! I'm not sure that the person carrying the torch was anyone famous (despite my son saying 'It's Orlando Bloom' !)

If you're feeling terribly bored here's a video of the route from Reading to Winchester, with the last few minutes of it coming through Hyde in Winchester.

torch relay video

10 July 2012

Olympics are coming!

On Wednesday the Olympic torch passes through Winchester, infact right past the bottom of my road! Here at the Cathedral they are obviously setting up for the arrival of the flame with a number of Olympic Flags. I have been working on the Olympics since 2010, and to say I have Olympic fatigue is not an understatement! However I really am quite excited about the torch coming here and the games themselves, I have even taken the day off work om Wednesday to try to see the torch!

09 July 2012

Hat Fair

I'll admit I was away for most of the weekend so did not go to any of the Hat Fair this year, however I do have one quick photo to add to the blog. It has been so wet, it has rained every day in July so far. I remember last year getting slightly sunburnt! No chance of that at the moment. I imagine the weather put off quite a few people unfortuantely.

07 July 2012

Wet summer

Last week was wet and rainy, this weekend looks the same and the forecast for next week? More of the same. A photo here of the high street. Note the London 2012 banner, the Olympic torch passes through Winchester on Wednesday! Hopefully the rain will not extinguish it!