09 July 2012

Hat Fair

I'll admit I was away for most of the weekend so did not go to any of the Hat Fair this year, however I do have one quick photo to add to the blog. It has been so wet, it has rained every day in July so far. I remember last year getting slightly sunburnt! No chance of that at the moment. I imagine the weather put off quite a few people unfortuantely.


  1. Interesting ensemble. There I was thinking it was just here in my bit of Yorkshire where it has also rained daily for the last 10 days or so.

  2. And here in Suffolk - and we are in the dryest part of the country! I don't think it's stopped raining since Easter.
    I popped into Winchester very briefly on my way to Salisbury to take my son to a party, and bumped into a party of italian tourists wearing padded coats and bobble hats! In July!

  3. Yes, I have been wearing the same clothes I wear in the winter, I haven't had my sandals out once yet this 'summer'!