11 July 2012

Olympic Torch in Winchester!

I was amazingly excited today when the torch came past the end of my road, even teenage son got out of bed for it!

There was a large cavalcade of police motorcycles, bikes, cars, publicity trucks etc and finally the flame, and it passed so quickly! I'm not sure that the person carrying the torch was anyone famous (despite my son saying 'It's Orlando Bloom' !)

If you're feeling terribly bored here's a video of the route from Reading to Winchester, with the last few minutes of it coming through Hyde in Winchester.

torch relay video


  1. I was a little disappointed when I discovered the the people carrying the torch were not at all Olympians.

  2. I saw it on Sussex Street. We had quite good weather for the time it was here I think!

  3. Yes it almost seemed like summer didn't it!

    1. I was in Hyde Street, where I had a great view and got lovely photos. And later at the Jewry Street junction with the High Street where I only saw the flame not the torch bearer but that didn't matter.I had woken up feeling poorly and grumpy but what a wonderful atmosphere there was!I feel so proud of our beautiful city and its residents for creating such a fabulous feeling. Later, in the High Street and around the Cathedral, there was no litter, just groups of happy people. A hugely successful and memorable day here.

  4. Yes it was a great atmosphere wasn't it! And the sun shone! As you can probably see this photo is taken in Hyde Street, im going to post a few more tomorrow from the cavalcade!! And it has slightly lifted my Olympics fatigue, though logging into my work email later and seeing all the last minute Olympic problems that have come up hasnt helped! I need the Torch again to inspire me!

  5. That's really exciting--what an historic moment that probably won't happen again anytime soon!

  6. and there was poor me "confined to barracks" again with a steaming cold so I missed it all.