09 November 2011

Ice Rink is coming

The Ice Rink is now being set up in the Cathedral grounds. It always seems very popular and opens on 24 November until 2 Janaury. I have been before and would like to go again if I could find a quiet session. Tickets cost up to £9.95 for an adult


  1. Ask at the ticket office, they will tell you when the quiet times are and you can buy in advance. The cathedral always book the whole rink for the choristers at a quiet time so that they can have their photos taken skating about in their red robes. My son's photo was plastered all over the front page of the Sunday Telegraph about 5 years ago, which came as a big surprise to us.

  2. As a former chorister I would have been up for ice skating robes or no. My mate is a press snapper he got some choristers doing egg and spoon and another time pancake day!

  3. The shot of the choristers on the ice rink is always popular, have seen them on Xmas cards, brochures etc!