15 January 2012

Stained glass

Not as impressive as the cathedral but spotted this window when out today


  1. If you keep your eyes open there is quite a lot of stained glass about. I photographed the glass in a local ish church two days back, I was lucky the lady that cleans was there and let me in.

  2. I love windows like this from the inside, the coloured light that they shed.

  3. Hate to put a damper on your heading but it's not real stained glass, it's decorated glass. Coloured film stuck onto the glass and the "leading" is self adhesive lead tape.

    How can I tell? My dad is a real stained glass artist, with a workshop making the real thing. If you look closely the joints are not actually soldered!

    Still, it's a nice design and adds character to the house. Better than that 'orrible textured glass you see nowadays. Dad says it's a standard "Kendal" design.

    1. That's really interesting, thanks for that, I should have looked a bit closer!

  4. So it's a sort of privacy thing? How clever - and of your Dad!

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