18 May 2012

Trusty Servant

On my recent trip to Minstead in the New Forest I came across The Trusty Servant inn. I know this 'creature' is the emblem of Winchester College and read on a plaque next to the pub a 16th century saying believed to have originated from Winchester College in the days when pupils at the college had personal servants

"A trusty servants portrait you would see
This emblematic figure well survey
The porkers snout not nice in diet shows
The padlock shut no secret he'll disclose
Patient the Ass his masters wrath will bear
Swiftness in his errand the stags feet declare
Loaded is left hand apt to labour saith
The vest his neatness; the open hand his faith;
Girt with his sword, his shield upon his arm,
Himself and master he'll protect from harm"


  1. Interesting story behind the pub sign, would be rather a puzzle without your handy rhyme!

  2. Thank you! I always wondered where/how that figure had originated. I never did do the official tour of Winchester College that maybe would have provided answers like that.

  3. Very interesting shots and history.

    Darryl and Ruth :)