11 June 2011

Clarendon Way

Clarendon Way passes through Winchester, it is a 24 mile walk joining the two Wessex cities of Winchester and Salisbury. This is near the start of the walk in the St Cross area of Winchester. Clarendon Way is named from Clarendon Park on the eastern edge of Salisbury.


  1. The sky and clouds add so much to this scene, beautifully captured

  2. I would love to walk that walk.lol

  3. It is a beautiful route - I used part of it for a very mundane purpose. I could walk along Christchurch road, along Whiteshute Lane and cross the railway and after about a 20-minute beautiful walk I could drop down into the valley to the local branch of Sainsbury's!

    The return, with a rucksack and a couple of carrier bags, wasn't so pleasant but I always felt very virtuous afterwards.

  4. Looks like a lovely walk, though 24 miles might be too long a walk to do every day. :)