13 June 2011

Faces and Arms

Here is a closer view of the Westgate, one of Winchester's 2 remaining city gates. The gargoyles heads that you can see on each side are above the former portcullis, out of their mouths would have come the chains which were used to raise and lower the drawbridge. The shields, to the left are the coat of arms of the United Kingdom and to the right the city of Winchester


  1. That is so cool, having the chains come out of their mouth!

  2. I am enjoying your tours of Winchester. I especially like this shot with the coats of arms and the gargoyles. The two faces at the foot of the coats of arms look like they might have more significance than the gargoyles. What do you think?

  3. How old are the city gates?
    Very I am sure.

  4. I like this photo with so much history.
    Are gargoyles supposed to be lucky?

  5. Not sure if the faces are supposed to be someone. The Westgate here was built in the 12th Century. Not sure if they're supposed to be luck or not!