25 June 2011

Lord Lieutenant

This is the last photo from the military parade and flag raising ceremony held this week. The servicemen reached The Great Hall and were presented to the Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire, Dame Mary Fagan. The role of Lord-Lieutenant began during Tudor times as monarchs had no standing army and relied on noblemen within each county to organise men and arms for the defence of the realm. These days the role is to be the Queen's representative in the County, which includes making arrangements for all Royal visits to Hampshire and representing The Queen by presenting certain honours, medals and awards, and inspecting troops etc. The modern Lord-Lieutenant’s role is unpaid and non-political.


  1. Way to go, Dame Mary Fagan!

    I've been enjoying your Military Week posts.

  2. Here in West Yorkshire our Lord-Lieutenant is also a lady and a charming one at that I have met a few times over the past 3 years. Dame Mary's badge as Lord-Lieutenant is the badge with its Crown above a Tudor Rose and ribbon that she is wearing above her other decorations.