29 December 2010

Horse & Rider

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This lifesize bronze sculpture by Dame Elisabeth Frink of a Horse and Rider was created in 1975. 

I guess it's something nice to look at before you get sent down as it sits in front of the Law Courts!


  1. Cool sculpture. I don't think I have seen a horse with a short tail like that before. I am not that brushed up on horse knowledge, but I sure love looking at them.

  2. I used to have sculpture in my backyard but after a dozen or more years, the weather got to it and it fell over, breaking one arm. I didn't know it then but our then "baby" who was about 10, said it was a very sad day for her as she thought she had fallen in love with him and that I later destroyed the rest of the statue created a blank spot in her heart. She is living with us again and has a 10-year old who is playing a game on her computer and told us in the game she had fallen in love with one of the characters. How time repeats itself.

    I do like statues and when I used to go to a statue place I always tried to pick out something and bring home. I still have a Japanese-style lantern that comes in several heavy parts and a small Buddha. I don't remember ever seeing a horse.

  3. Interesting sculpture ... is the overlong neck deliberate, do you think, to add an attenuated and elegant look? It certainly makes me ponder, which I am told is the whole purpose of art!

  4. It's something nice to look at, and there's another exactly the same in central London.

    Never really had the space for my own statue. Although when we moved to Winchester we did find a dragon, buddha and a mini alpine scene complete with 5 plastic cows and Heidi style swiss chalet all hidden within the overgrown garden!

  5. How funny! I found a flute-playing frog, a couple of squirrels, a gnome, a cat and various other items, which were all taken to the recycling yard to find a new home.

    If you haven't been there yet, do go - it's brilliant. They sell off the good items that people dump, for charity. I got some really good garden furniture.

  6. I have visited the recycling place in Bar End, it's very well organised!