13 December 2010

Winchester College

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Winchester College is a public boarding school for boys aged 13-18 (in England a public school is a private school!). It was founded in 1382 by Bishop William of Wykeham and is thought to be the oldest continuously running school in England. Here is the Headmaster's House in College Street. Supposedly the most expensive private school in England, the last time I heard. I do love the idea of these very traditional schools though. Elitist? Of course. However Winchester is renowned for it's excellent schools, both public and state, so if you are poor you can still get a good education in Winchester (just so long as you are rich enough to afford the house prices here!)

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  1. Whilst not an Old Wykehamist, I too love these old schools. Maybe they are elitist, but that is the point.
    My old school is quite expensive, but it has always provided decent scholars the means to attend if money is a problem. Lucky for me too! Never had girls in my day though.