14 December 2010

Interactive Art

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Sitting just in the entrance to the grounds of Winchester Cathedral is Luminous Motion. This six metre column of mirror stainless steel, with 500 fibre-optic lights was created for the Winchester Light Art Project and installed in of November 2002.

Supposedly if you send a text message to a certain number using various words the column will flash out a different display of lights - I did try doing it the other day but it wouldn't work! Maybe they've changed their number?

** Update! Tried to go unlisted did you Luminous Motion!?
Well I found your phone number, it's  + 44 7980 732147 - by texting White, Blue, Indigo, Magenta, Breathe, Eyepop, Lightdancer or Radiance to the number the column will text you back and put on a light show for you!


  1. Never heard of an interactive sculpture before.

  2. Yes - unusual, although at the moment I can't seem to interact with it!

  3. This is my first, if anyone can really 'interact' with that thing!