03 July 2011

Mini Golf

The Hat Fair seems to have something for everyone, if you're not into the street entertainment how about some mini golf by the Cathedral!


  1. Something about "mini golf by the Cathedral" just sounds incongruous or anachronistic or funny.
    But hey, why not.

  2. Right now there is allsorts going on at the Cathedral!

  3. Your blog upsets me! I hail from Winchester, but I'm now stuck in the most god-awful town in Leicestershire and I cant get back to Winchester because of the high property prices and rents. I sometimes come home to Winchester for the odd weekend just to savour the atmosphere, but I haven't lived there for 55 years.

    You can understand that I'm drawn to your blog every day, even though I get a little pain in my heart when I see a familiar place in your photos.

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  5. How sad, Keith - at least I live now in a beautiful village in Suffolk. If not, I would feel just like you.

  6. Ah Keith! Now I'm here it would be hard to live elsewhere. It was rather galling that to move here I had to get a bigger mortgage and a smaller house! Thanks for visiting my blog :)