23 July 2011

War memorial

War memorial at West Hill Cemetery.


  1. It is nice to see that this memorial looks well tended, interesting that they have used flint in part of the construction. Oddly on the CWGC website it says No. of Identified Casualties: 116 but it also says number of records 117, perhaps one unknown?

    There is also a boy Walter Sawle RN, rating boy 2nd class, age 15. When I first arrived in Belfast in the 1970's they realised I was 10 days shy of my 18th despite the length of the course so I was sent home on leave, again. Paul at Leeds daily photo

  2. thanks for your comment on the blog in connection with Belgium's national holiday;. that is a really incredible reference !
    must do more research

  3. I haven't seen a memorial like that with that design. I clicked on it to enlarge it and see more detail, wasn't sure what I was seeing.
    It is nice that it looks well taken care of and not overgrown.

  4. I know this Cross of Sacrifice from the Jerusalem War Cemetery. There is something unifying about having the same symbol in all the British war cemeteries around the world.

    So your West Hill war memorial is inside a regular cemetery?

  5. Yes the war memorial is inside a regular cemetery.

    Fascinating history Paul

  6. This is a very nice memorial, great shot.