10 July 2011

Peninsula Cafe

Not a great photo, but just thought I'd snap this as I was leaving Peninsula Square as I'd had a comment about the cafe here. It opened (or perhaps re-opened) in April 2010, but there was some controversy initially over the name. The new owner decided to call the cafe The Falling Plates Cafe, but apparently this offended some of the military still based at Peninsula Barracks as 'Falling Plates' is a derogatory nickname for heavy casualties suffered in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. After a Facebook campaign and local press coverage the owner changed the name to Peninsula Cafe in September 2010 and everyone was happy.


  1. I'm so glad it opened up again, there will be a lot of very happy elderly gentlemen who will now have somewhere to meet up again.

  2. It seemed to be quite popular the day I was there

  3. As a former military chap myself I can see why they might have been miffed by the name 'Falling Plates'. It is good to see common sense prevailing, given the history of the building I think Peninsula Cafe is fine.