02 February 2011

C is for Chesil Rectory

The Chesil Rectory is a very nice restaurant in Winchester. It's a Grade II listed building dating back to 1450, and still retains many original features including solid oak beams, ancient doorways and beautiful open fireplaces. On their website they say they are "the oldest house in Winchester" but we already know that The Old Blue Boar also claims to be the oldest!  Whatever! They are both very old!

The word Chesil is believed to be a derivative of the old English "chisol", meaning a shingly beach or bank.


  1. What a joy it must be to arrive after a long, long day.

    Please have a wonderful Wednesday.

    daily athens

  2. Meow!
    That looks like a nice place to go. I bet my two-legged mother would like that place!
    Sara Cat
    Sara Cat's ABCWedrd-8-C as in Cheshire Cat

  3. Interesting! A beautifully welcoming place.

  4. what style is this kind of building? We have some here in New Zealand.

  5. Wow - that's what I call old - it's amazing that it's still standing. Great building for a reataurant.

  6. I saw a building like that in Charlotte just yesterday!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Thanks all. It is an unusual style, I think this is the only one in Winchester.

  8. It looks like a little hobbit house to me, I thought it was an inn or bed and breakfast. I don't see buildings like that around here for sure, except there is a town called Leavenworth that has similar styles.

  9. I visited Winchester a year ago...we were with friends from South Hampton...we went into a pub that claimed to be the oldest pub in England which, of course, got us Americans all excited...then our friend Anthony told us that there's a pub in every city in England that claims to be the oldest!!! Ah well...doesn't matter to me...they're all a heck of a lot older than most of what we have here in the states!!!

    Beautiful pics!!!

  10. Chieftess - I think I know the pub you mean - The Royal Oak, as you say there are many pubs claiming to be the oldest!

  11. A very beautiful entry for C day!
    Original architecture! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Hope you're having a happy week****

  12. So Elizabethan! The curves in the timbers are beautiful!
    Thanks for your great contribution to ABC Wednesday,
    HelenMac, ABC team

  13. I hesitate to write this as it makes me seem a real pig, but the portions in that place are doll-sized! I came out wanting fish and chips! Beautifully cooked and presented, though.

  14. Maybe it's supposed to be 'nouvelle cuisine' but that is often an excuse for tiny portions as you say!