27 February 2011

Peter Symonds College

I have posted previously about Peter Symonds here. And here is the 6th form college named after him. It is for 16-19 year olds studying A Levels. It is an excellent establishment, free, non selective and produces some of the best results in the country. This year 55 students are off to Oxford and Cambridge, which the college is quite rightly proud of.

The college was founded as a boys grammar school in 1897 and became the co-educational college that it is today in 1974. Notable ex pupils include Jack Dee (comedian), members of Coldplay and Razorlight, various ambassadors, MPs, judges, Air Chief Marshalls and Colin Firth's brother!

***update 2 March 2011 ***
I have had it confirmed that Colin Firth (our local Oscar winner!) also attended Peter Symonds!


  1. Wow that really is amazing. Regarding your questions. The Governor of Wisconsin is try to get rid of unions for the workers and strip them of their bargining rights. This would cut the pay of alot of the workers including the teachers.

  2. Thanks for the info Randy, now I understand. We have a union at work, these days I wonder whether without them we'd have to pay our company to come to work!