28 February 2011

St Lawrence

It's hard to get a photo of this tiny church because its entrance is within the passageway leading to The Square and I just can't stand back far enough to get it all in! 

This is the church of St Lawrence-in-the-Square and there has been a church on this site since before the Norman conquest (1066). The original church on this site was incorporated into William the Conqueror’s palace as the royal chapel. The royal chapel was destroyed by fire in 1143, rebuilt in 1150 and again in 1449. Another fire in 1978 led to further restoration and the church reopened in 1980.

The church is in the heart of Winchester and has a very special tradition.When a new Bishop of Winchester is on his way to his enthronement in the Cathedral, he first comes to this tiny church to pray and put on his robes. He then tolls one of the bells ringing himself into office, and then goes out to meet the Mayor, clergy and citizens and proceeds to the cathedral. There should be a new Bishop this year...


  1. There are a couple of pubs here in Leeds that are very difficult to photograph because the adjacent walls are too close.
    Interesting old church, oddly used as a school at one time. I would be interested in the war memorial on the wall. My Leeds photo today also features battlements that serve no real purpose.

  2. Like the texture of those walls, they look like rock? Curious about the process for naming the new Bishop. I like that he rings himself into office.

  3. I sure wish I could stroll around there and explore and photograph it all!

  4. Will try to pop inside at some point. I think it is built of stone and flint