21 February 2011

Christ's Hospital

This is Christ's Hospital in Symonds Street which was founded by Peter Symonds, a very well known name in Winchester. The plaque on the wall says:

Peter Symonds was a wealthy merchant who founded a number of almshouses for the poor and is well remembered in Winchester. In addition to having a street named after him (Symonds Street) there is also a Peter Symonds College, an excellent 6th form college in Winchester and every year, on St Peter's Day, 29th June, an Evensong is held in Winchester Cathedral in his honour.

These 'almshouses' are now administered by the St Johns Winchester Charity who have a number of other buildings throughout Winchester that have featured on the blog. This one still provides five rooms for single people, widows and widowers over 50 and there are currently four women and one man in residence here.


  1. Peter's very interesting history: http://oxforddnb.com/view/article/95066

  2. Nice that the city had such an excellent benefactor.

  3. If only I was rich, I'd have homes and streets named for me too!

    At least I found one bar bearing my name. ;-)

  4. Theres a lot to be said for founding Almshouses, you can have a nice plaque in your memory and people will take photos and spread the word of your generosity. Leeds photography