31 December 2011

Westgate Inn

The Westgate pub is funnily enough just across from the Westgate. The Inn was originally a private house and was converted in 1892. The pub used to be known as the Westgate Hotel until 2005 when it changed its name to the Westgate Inn to comply with EU regulations. It still has overnight accommodation and its rooms are named after famous people who have visited Winchester, such as Keats, Wren and Raleigh.

Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. It's well worth a visit - it has comfy chairs and newspapers and books, and does amazing curries. Chicken and chocolate, anyone?

  2. Looks like a cozy place!
    Cheers and Happy New YEar!

  3. Looking forward to your great photo's in 2012.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Just beautiful...

    Warm wishes for a happy & fun-filled New Year...
    Seasons Greetings!