12 January 2011

Hyde Abbey House

Hyde Abbey House was built was built in the 17th Century. In around 1760 it became a prep school for boys known as Hyde Abbey School and was recognised as one of the finest classical schools of its time. George Canning who was briefly the British Prime Minister in 1827, Lord Lyons a British Naval Commander during the Crimean War and Henry Sewell 1st Premier of New Zealand were all educated here. The school closed in 1833 and from 1950 to 1975 was a hotel The Hyde Abbey House Hotel. The building is now used as offices for a French pharmaceutical company.

On a personal note an unusual covenant in the deeds of my house mean I am responsible for maintaining part of the old garden wall of this building! My current maintenance programme involves looking at the wall and saying "please don't fall down!" - it's worked so far!


  1. What a strange covenant. If the wall has lasted that long, it'll probably hold up a few more years though. :)

  2. Thank you for the pics and information. Just discovered GGGrandfather a student here circa 1816-1821. William Hollis came to Australia in 1853 after time in Madras, India with the East India Company Army. He died 9 months after arrival but has left mulitudes of descendents who will be interested in your site. Elaine, Melbourne, Vic., Australia