06 January 2011

Winchester Train Station

"The train now arriving at platform 1 is the 0718 to London Waterloo". Winchester with its fast train links to London is a home for many commuters who work in the capital. The fast train service only takes 58 minutes, however an annual season ticket costs £4120 or £4816 if you want to include the London Underground too, and first class - over £8000!

The problem is getting yourself to Winchester itself if you don't live in the city. We have 3 park and rides and  a number of expensive car parks. However some residents of Winchester have been known to sell their parking permits or rent out their drive ways to commuters. My next door neighbour is one of these 'offenders' and much to my annoyance rents out his 'space' in our road to a most irritating chap who regularly overhangs his huge car onto my driveway, so I cannot park myself! What an issue parking is in towns that were created before cars were invented!


  1. I did the tour yesterday and enjoyed it very much.

  2. When we moved to Oram's Arbour from St. Cross we discovered that we also owned part of a carpark! We had space for a couple of cars anyway, so sold off two of our carpark spaces and kept the rest for visitors. Some people bought them just so that they could get a parking space for the station if they couldn't find one there in the mornings, as it was only about 7 minutes walk away downhill. About double that coming back uphill at night, though!

  3. Parking in Winchester! It does seem to cause endless problems, fortunately we are within walking distance of the centre!