22 January 2011

St Peter's Catholic Church

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There are so many churches and places of worship in Winchester. Here is St Peter's Catholic Church in Jewry Street (taken back in December during the snow)


  1. Jewry Street? We have a street?? Cool.

  2. A grand church. Looks very cold outside, so I hope it is nice and warm inside, lots of candles and some nice music!:)
    Greetings from Gunn / stavangerdailyphoto.com

  3. I think it's been called Jewry Street since about 1300 when it was a popular Jewish area. It's a nice street with plenty of restaurants, the theatre and library.

    I haven't been inside yet, it certainly must be warmer that outside!

  4. Nice Church. We have some Portuguese architecture here in Goa too.. well they built some amazing structures so did the British when they ruled India.

  5. A heavenly photo of a beautiful church with great architectural design details! I'm curious what it looks like inside..... (hint, hint)