18 March 2011

US Army

In the Mayor's Parlour at the Guildhall is this bell which the plaque says was presented to the City Of Winchester by the men of the 9th infantry division United States army as a token of their appreciation for the most cordial hospitality extended to them during World War II.

The 9th Infantry Division was among the first U.S. combat units to engage in offensive ground operations during World War II. During the winter and into the spring of 1944 the 9th were stationed at Winchester's Peninsula Barracks preparing for the invasion. General Eisenhower and Churchill visited and addressed troops at the barracks before the invasion:

(Photo - Royal Green Jackets Museum)

On 3 June the Division began moving by motor and rail from Winchester to marshalling areas in the vicinity of Southampton and Weymouth, in preparation for the D Day landings in Normandy. They landed at Utah Beach on 10 June 1944.


  1. I am always stunned by photos and posts about the war that European bloggers share. I mean, it was one thing to learn that history as a kid in Chicago public schools but quite another to see evidence of the war from people who actually live/d there.

  2. Beautiful blog with rare pictures and very informative!

  3. Great teamwork, Eisenhower and Churchill. Devastating war.

  4. I wasn't alive during it, but it terrible war in so many ways

  5. Very interesting post. And the bell is just magnificient!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    À bientôt****