22 March 2011

Milner Hall

The former St Peter's Chapel, now known as the Milner Hall, lies tucked away between St. Peter Street and Jewry Street. For more than three hundred years it was hidden from passing view by a heavy black door. In 1989 the door was replaced by an elegant wrought iron gate through which the Hall stands framed by the arch.

The Chapel, built by Reverend John Milner in 1792, was the first Catholic Church to be consecrated since 1558. Milner was priest in Winchester between 1779 and 1803 and had a desire to see Catholic worship re-established in a proper setting after the many years of secrecy and isolation.

There is now a St Peter's Catholic Church and Milner Hall is used for concerts, talks, meetings and general hire.


  1. It's an unusual arch. Glad they took the solid door away.

    I think we non-Europeans tend to forget what a hard time Catholicism had. In Sydney's St. Mary's Cathedral I was amazed at the guide's stories of how the first Catholic priests in Australia managed to do "underground" masses.

  2. Very interesting picture. Looks very different from normal church architecture.

  3. Nicely framed doorways. So much persecution and today I think we the English are perhaps one of the most welcoming and unbigoted people around. Though of course Gordon Brown might have a different view.
    Paul at Leeds daily photo

  4. I agree, nowdays anything is OK, any religion, no religion, jedi..!

  5. Interesting news about Milner Hall ... as s writer who once lived in Winchester I am
    pleased to see an online update!
    SM Thompson Southampton UK:

  6. Thanks for dropping by the blog!