25 April 2011


Within the cathedral there are numerous military memorials throughout. Here is one in particular to the men of the 4th Battalion of the Rifle Brigade who died in the campaign in Afghanistan in the 1870s.


  1. I despair of people who believe that history is just stuff that happened a long time ago to people who are long dead. This memorial to the men of the 4th Rifles who died during the 2nd Afghan war and the painting Remnants of an Army by Elizabeth Butler, would inform anyone who was interested with all they need to know about what happens if you invade this tribal country.
    A young woman from Huddersfield died this last week after less than 1 month in country.
    "Here's to us, and all like us! Who's like us? Damned few, and they're all dead!"

  2. That's quite an impressive memorial to those fallen soldiers! It seems that Afghanistan has had a long history of war and conflict.

  3. Very nice memorial. I really like the design.

  4. Afghanistan has a long history of invasion and if the Russians couldn't do it..