22 April 2011

Pilgrim's Way

Here outside St John's Church a stone signs marks part of the Pilgrim's Way. This is an ancient trackway that runs across southern England from Winchester in the west to Canterbury in the east. The trackway is 120 miles (192 km) in length. The historic route was taken by pilgrims from Winchester to the shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury. The route iself follows a pre-existing ancient trackway probably in existence since the stone age.

** I am on holiday now for a week so I have scheduled some photos whilst away - sorry if I don't respond to any comments straightaway - thanks for stopping by **


  1. I went to college in Canterbury, but was more interested in Kent at the time so I missed this connection.

  2. I've only visited Canterbury a couple of times, both when I was living in Belgium strangely enough. It's a nice city.

  3. I love the idea of the pilgrim ways. I dream of walking the Camino or maybe yours.