17 April 2011


Within the Cathedral is the Holy Sepulchre Chapel, and on its walls are these remarkable 12th century wall paintings showing the Deposition and Entombment of Christ. They date from about 1170 but were only discovered in 1963 during conservation work on another painting that had been on top.


  1. Deja vu! Yours is like our picture which is right above the Anointing Stone in Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre! But ours is a modern mosaic and yours is much more beautiful.
    How marvelous that your painting was recently discovered and resurrected!

  2. Your story about the discovery, reminds me of a church in rural Oxfordshire where I grew up. The wall paintings had been covered up be an earlier curate who thought the subject not seemly! They too were discovered by chance. This photo reminds me of the early Colin Firth film A Month in the Country, which oddly was lost for quite a few years, before being found and shown here at the National Media Museum in Bradford. I say oddly because the film is partly about lost medieval wall painting!

  3. You wonder what else is hideen under ancient walls..