21 April 2011

Dean Garnier Garden

Thomas Garnier was Dean of Winchester from 1840-1872.  He was passionate about plants and was a founding member of the Hampshire Horticultural Society and many of the trees that surround the Cathedral were planted by him. A small peaceful garden by the cathedral was created in 1995 in his memory.

** I am on holiday now for a week so I have scheduled some photos whilst away - sorry if I don't respond to any comments straightaway - thanks for stopping by **


  1. At certain times of the year the Dean's garden is open - that is well worth a visit, we were allowed to hold a fete there every year and to take our chorister sons there for a picnic lunch on the last day of their summer session, down by the river banks. It was always sunny, and idyllic.

    I can't remember when the open days were, though, which month.

    The gardens at St. John's Cross and The Bishop's Palace are also worth a visit, if you get the chance. The events aren't always all that well advertised, though.

  2. This is exactly what comes to mind when I think of England - lovely shot!

  3. Thanks for the comments. Will keep an eye out for more garden openings