12 April 2011


Within the choir of the cathedral is a wooden eagle lectern dating from the 17th century.


  1. Nice! He's really stretching his wings.
    Jerusalem churches have so many eagles, but a different kind.

  2. What detail! I've never seen an eagle in a church before. :)

  3. If churchs in Jerusalem have Eagles in there church and there is one in this church. What could be the meaning of an eagle in the church?

  4. Two Answers to my question: 1 The Eagle is also a sign of Christ's Ascension.
    2. The symbol of ST.John the Evangelist
    Now in the churchs in Jerusalem , I will have to ask Dina.

  5. I never have seen eagles in churches either. What a wonderful, old, wooden eagle.

  6. It's unusual yes. Thanks Patsy for the info on its significance. Will have to look out for Eagles on Dina's blog!

  7. I think most of our old Jerusalem church eagles are more like the imperial eagle used as a heraldic symbol.
    The double-headed eagle was a national heraldic symbol used by the late Byzantine Empire, Imperial Russia and the Austrian Empire.
    Right now I can think of the Holy Sepulchre and Augusta Victoria churches. I'll start to make a collection and then make a post. Thanks for the idea!
    And thanks to Patsy for the two symbolic meanings which are new to me.