22 May 2011

North Walls

This is the North Walls Recreation Ground, it is my 'scenic route' that I take on the way back home from the supermarket. It has rugby and cricket pitches, tennis courts, kids playground, skatepark, canoe club, leisure centre, lots of green spaces and the River Itchen flows through it.


  1. So idyllic.
    I'd be happy if we had even ONE of those things you list around here.

  2. A+ on composition.

    A+ on the right f/stop.

    A+ on the perspective.

    A+ on photography.

    I also like your blog template.

  3. What a nice stroll you have for groceries.

  4. I have been catching up on your blog and like very much what I see and the comments.

  5. Thanks Abe - I think the photo was more luck than anything else!

    We're pretty lucky here to have most everything you'd need here in Winchester! Thanks all for stopping by.

  6. That is a beautifully captured photo!