26 May 2011

St Faith's Primary School

What might have been... my first attempt at moving to Winchester began in 2006 when my company was relocating to Hampshire. We found a house to buy in an area of Winchester called St Cross, and enrolled my son at the local primary school and this is it - St Faith's Primary School. It seemed like a lovely little school, with only around 140 pupils aged 4-11. Alas it was not to be, the house purchase fell through and due to it being a company relocation we had almost run out of time and could find nowhere else suitable (or within budget!) in Winchester, so we ended up moving elsewhere and my son never did go to school here! After 4 years of living 'elsewhere' we finally made it back to live in Winchester, but by then he was too old for this school and our new house was the Hyde area of Winchester and not St Cross!


  1. Life is but a rich tapestry! Reminds me of my first school in rural Oxfordshire, where after the first couple of days I was very happy.
    I find it interesting that this photo of a school has no kids in it and were I to post a photo of a school on my Leeds daily photo I guess that photo would also be children free. I have just looked around the Eagan DP that Leif in Minnesota, United States does and there are kids all through it. How have we as a country, without any real discussion got to this point?

  2. How funny! We moved to St. Cross, and I enrolled my son in St. Faith's (2004) but he got a place at Pilgrim's and went there instead, and then we moved up to Oram's Arbour. We left in 2007, but I did love it there. There was always something going on, even in the winter.

  3. Unfortunately you're right Paul, I took this at the weekend when no-one was there.

  4. Too bad it didn't work out as you wanted. But the alternative looks mighty nice too.
    Nice to read part of your own story.