24 May 2011

This far and no further

This is Kingsgate, one of the 2 remaining city gates in Winchester. You cannot drive through this gate, as you can see by the concrete bollard that the car has parked in front of, however last week someone thought they'd give it a try...

The driver was arrested and fortunately there was no damage to Kingsgate!


  1. That took a lot of chutspah.
    So glad the damage was to the car and not the gate.

  2. You can't expect a Fiat? to give up. It goes against the Marque!

  3. There is always one! I once drove a military land rover of a low bridge and into a stream, they were not too pleased when I got back and asked if I could have another one because I had broken it. Oddly they did oblige.

  4. I heard about that, and wondered if you would manage to get a picture of it!