04 September 2011

Halls of Residence

This is the Queen's Road Student Village of the Winchester University. It houses 399 students in ensuite flats. It was built in 2010 to ease housing issues for students and it took many 1st year students out of private accommodation in areas such as nearby Stanmore.

The rooms are around 12 sq metres with a bed, desk, wardrobe, ensuite bathroom and free internet access, there are shared kitchens and eating areas. The rent is £106 a week. Quite a few years ago I stayed at the halls of residence at Sussex University in Brighton, they were nothing like this! En-suite? I wish!


  1. I like the variety in your posts. Modern today, crafts yesterday, old in several others, and model train tracks. It makes the blog interesting to visit.

  2. Privacy for students, wow. In my days at the U. of Michigan the dormitory meant a shared room, bathrooms down the hall, and girls-only in the building.

  3. Thanks Jack - I do try to mix up the blog a bit.

    Dina - students don't know how lucky they are now! Apart from coming out with huge debts which they never had before..

  4. Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, and I do approve of the facilities available, but I wish that the architects would look around and design a building to look more in keeping with the surrounding area. I really hate that type of design (early Art Deco?), it looks like a pile of giant discarded shoe boxes. Those railings made of old scaffolding poles don't help either.