18 September 2011

Sad Sunflowers

Spotted these sunflowers with their heads down at the Edington Road allotments. I am on the waiting list to get one of these allotments, and there are 70 people ahead of me...! I was on the way to watch Winchester City Football Club whose ground is nearby, unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photos from the match due to my camera battery expiring soon after this shot!


  1. I sort of share an allotment, I was on the queue for a long time and then when I was offered it I changed my mind, having moved, and by chance a friend was next in line.
    I now have more than 1 spare battery in my bag, this once having happened to me. Yorkshire Pictures

  2. It looks like a nice allotment, they allow people to use any colour they like and to put up sheds. Some of them can be horribly strict.

  3. Hopefully they will be happier tomorrow.