12 September 2011

Wolvesey Castle

Another photo from the ruins of Wolvesey Castle, which was once the residence of the Bishops of Winchester. The name Wolvesey means Wulf's Island, the higher ground between two streams of the River Itchen. The ruins are mostly the creation of Bishop Henry of Blois who became bishop in 1129. The new Bishop of Winchester won't have to live here in the ruins, he has a nice little place next door!

I am away with work at the moment and have scheduled this post. For my nearest location see This is Belgium


  1. Agh, I miss having ancient ruins around here so much. Would wander there all day long!

    call South Africa

  2. I love ancient ruins ! Your link to "This is Belgium" doesn't work. Are you in Belgium ?

  3. That's how I remember the ruins best. I always meant to go to one of the outdoor theatre productions they sometimes hold there, but never got around to it.

  4. Jimmy, yes you probably do get a bit blase having so much history round here!

    Gattina - not sure why the link didn't work! Yes I was in Brussels, am there a lot these days with work!

    Janerowena - I don't think I've seen any theatre things going on their recently, unless I've not been paying attention!