14 September 2011

Wall painting

This is St John's church which has already featured on the blog. Last weekend there were a number of heritage open days and I took the advantage to go inside a photo some of the wall paintings that are within the church. These were covered up during the Victorian times and those which survived were uncovered in 1958. The paintings are believed to date from around 1280. This one shows to the right a bishop with his hand raised in blessing, St Christopher or St Antony on the left and the devil at the top. 

***I am away with work at the moment & have scheduled this post, thanks for stopping by***


  1. I grew up in rural W Oxfordshire and at a local church there was some very early painting complete with hell and the devil. A Victorian vicar had got it whitewashed over and it was discovered quite by chance. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire photography

  2. I so glad they see the light of day once more.
    And glad you went to see them.

  3. The background walls may have cracks and splinters, but the painting never seem to become unsightly. If you're going to re-paint those figures, it will look as beautiful as it was back then. =)