22 September 2011

Sea the Stars


Here is the horse drawing that I mentioned the other day. It's amazing, looks like a real one doesn't it? Only it's more expensive at £52000! Actually the drawing it's probably cheaper because this is a drawing of Sea the Stars, the first horse to win the 2,000 Guineas, the Epsom Derby and the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in the same year. Not sure if you can appreciate the size of the drawing in this photo, the drawing is 2 metres 40cm high, that's around 7 feet 9 inches!


  1. It's amazing!

    I would be petrified of anyone advancing on it with a rubber, though.

    Perhaps it has been coated with something to protect it.

  2. It is incredible. I have a mate who has just painted the queen, or rather its just been unveiled, some of his stuff you would think were photos.
    Lucky I have a camera my drawings are really bad. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire photography

  3. A fabulous and life-like drawing. You'd think you could almost feel the warmth of its skin if you touched it.

  4. It is impressive. I like impressionist type art, but this really takes some skill to make it so life-like