11 October 2011


I have tried to get a photo of the back of this shop without any cars parked in front of it, but have decided it is not physically possible! This is the rear of The Hambledon, the front is on The Square. It sells clothes, homeware, furniture & cute things

****I am away at the moment with work, back on Friday evening, so have set up these scheduled posts. For my nearest location see This is Belgium****


  1. I like this style!
    And I like small old cozy English villages... both in real and on films:)

  2. Cars and street furniture, the bane of the urban street photographer. I forgot the wheelie bins, I once stopped at somewhere that that was quite photogenic, but it was the day of the bin men! Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo

  3. There's probably a photoshop setting that can remove all this with one click, but I've never been able to get to grips with the program!