01 October 2011


I saw this bus in the High Street, I don't think Winchester is part of its usual route! In fact I don't think these buses even operate in London anymore. I lived in London from 1985-88 and often caught these Routemaster buses which were so convenient because when they were stuck in traffic you could just jump on the back which is open. Of course this meant you had a driver and a ticket collector on the bus. Now there are just drivers, so there's no open back and I imagine you have to get on at the bus stop too, even if the bus is stuck in traffic! Although I am happy to be corrected by any Londoners!


  1. I didn't pay attention to that, but when I regularly went to London when my son lived there until 2000 these buses still existed. Now I honnestly don't know although I have been in London in August !

  2. I bet it's used for parties now. I love these old buses, such a quintessential piece of London. :)