02 October 2011

St Mary's Kings Worthy

Another church called St Marys, this time in Kings Worthy, which is a small village just to the north of Winchester. The church dates back to at least 1290, but was remodelled in the 1800s


  1. Deb - Ginnels Gates and GhostsOctober 2, 2011 at 8:45 AM

    Lovely peaceful village scene. Bet this is a popular choice for Weddings

    Thanks for the welcome to CDP

  2. 1290!! The only thing we have over here in Australia dated 1290 are caves. Such a quaint church. I'll bet those tomb stones tell a few stories.

  3. That's definitely has some history. North America was not even discovered by the European yet... not for another 200+ years. WOW! that is cool.

    We only have native artefacts and history going back that far.

    Today's Soup.
    PS. Thanks for dropping by my Blog last week and for your comments!

  4. I went to a baptism there three weeks ago, but the sun deigned to shine that day - as per usual this "summer"!