12 October 2011

Still green

Although it's October you can see that most of the trees round here are still quite green and the weather this weekend the weather was very mild. On the other hand you can also see a fair few brown leaves on the ground.

****I am away with work at the moment. Back on Friday. I've scheduled these posts whilst away. For photos of where I am see Brussels (Gattina hope you don't mind me linking to your photos!)****


  1. Our towns and cities would be pretty bleak without these places.
    I hope you are enjoying Brussels, I stayed there a couple of times some years back and I was surprised by how much I liked the place. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photography

  2. You will see here it's still green too ! I don't mind at all that you link to my "Brussels" it's only a pity that we can't meet ! I didn't know that you would come here !

  3. Is blogging not grand? I have seen Brussels!

  4. I like Brussels too...used to live there infact and now go back there quite a bit for work, I only wish I had more time there for meeting up and going out, as it would be lovely to meet!