16 October 2011

King Alfred

The back of our King Alfred statue with the tower of the Guildhall to the left and a lovely blue sky from yesterday morning.
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  1. A fine statue of a king that most people have heard of but I guess mostly for the story about the cakes or loaves. Still I think to be remembered for something is better than to be forgotten. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo

  2. Sunday morning I went to Chesil Street to visit friends when I saw a lady taking a photo of the back of King Alfred. I thought at the time 'How strange, people usually take a picture from the front'

    That's two in one day! What's so fascinating about his rear?

  3. Such an awesome snap taken of the statue of King Alfred. Clean blue sky add more beauty on this image.

  4. I drive round the little roundabout near the back of this statue every morning on the way to work and see King Alfred, the Guildhall & the Cathedral although have missed out the the cathedral in this photo.