07 February 2012

Canon Street

I was asked by a comment on the blog whether I would be taking any photos of Canon Street, so I popped by last weekend. It's a pretty little street running between Southgate Street and  
Kingsgate Street. I once looked at a house to buy in this street, needed total refurbishment and had absolutely nowhere to park 2 cars, so it was a 'no'.

In the 1950s the entire destruction of this street was considered as part of changes that were believed to be required, such as slum clearances, road widening, and the creation of open spaces. Winchester Council took photographs of those properties earmarked for demolition, including Canon Street. The City of Winchester Trust was formed in an effort to limit the destruction of these old buildings and Canon Street was one of the streets that were saved, but most others on the list were demolished.


  1. Glad it was saved- looks a windy and homely kind of street.

    Chrissy at Manchester a photo a day atMancunian Wave

  2. I didn't know that - I had a couple of friends with very old cottages in that street, and they were beautiful inside and surprisingly large. Nowhere to park, as you say. They now go for a small fortune - one of my friends sold hers and was able to buy a 5-bed detached house in a lovely small cluster of new houses in St. Cross with the proceeds!

    1. I'm so glad you took the Canon St photos, I live just round the corner and the view of the college is my start to the day, Your photos much better than mine though! I love this site. I keep trying to find a decent photo of the back of the corner house on Little Minster Lane, just outside the Cathedral. Chimney so wonkey like the leaning tower. Keep up the good work please.