10 February 2012

The Green Man

Someone might be able to correct me, but I think this is the most expensive pub that I have been to in Winchester, but then I don't get out that much, maybe they are all expensive these days! It has a pleasant interior and is just opposite from the cinema.

The pub is on the corner of Southgate & St Swithun Street, the current building dating from 1881 replaced a previous older inn built in the early 1800s. Excavations opposite the pub in 1971 showed that the Roman South Gate to the city, the replacement of which was demolished in 1771.


  1. What is not more expensive these days?
    I like the building !

  2. I love the architectural design of the building. Is there any green man inside?

  3. I never went there - I don't think it was anything special when I lived around there. I wonder why it's so expensive? I would prefer to pop along to the bar at the Hotel du Vin!

  4. Great name. In an old rerun (that's all we get in NZ!) of Midsomer Murders last weekend, Barnaby went to the Green Man pub to solve the murders!!