15 February 2012

House on Canon Street

Another house in Canon Street, in the typical flint and brick that you see a lot of in Winchester and the surrounding areas. This house has an interesting plaque on the wall which says "Erected as a thank offering to almighty God in the year of peace AD 1856" I presume this refers to the end of the Crimean war.


  1. I read somewhere that in the old days, Canon Street was where all the brothels were, so Winchester College boys were banned from going down it. I was quite shocked, considering how nice the street is now!

    1. Well, wow! That's an interesting piece of history right there! It kinda adds color to the house alongside the flint and bricks. It's amazing that these houses are still here, shaped a little bit thanks to the memories of the era they were made in...

  2. Good heavens! I suspect it was because of the barracks then being at the other end, across the road.

  3. Some of the best streets can have sordid pasts!!!
    Lovely house! and I love the plaque!